We do business phone systems.

Spokane Phones specializes in business phone systems. We do everything from basic phone systems, to complex menu systems, call center phone systems, and even auto dialing systems.

Why Choose Us?

Traditionally, phone systems are sold and managed by the big phone companies. We have all dealt with the customer service that happens from those huge companies. They sell phones, internet and cable television. To them, you are just another customer. To us, you are more than that. You are a business that needs your phones to work. You are a business that needs someone to respond quickly to you, if you have trouble with something. Your customers needs to be able to contact you, so you need reliable phones.

A few things that make us different from the other companies:

  • When you call us, we answer. We don’t even have a menu system to navigate through, we just answer your call.
  • We are phone system experts, so IF something is broken, we fix it instead of telling you to “put in trouble ticket”
  • We don’t put surprise charges on your bill.
  • We don’t sell your information to anyone.
  • We don’t try to sell you other services. We just do phones.
  • Our system will work for you as you grow. Whether you have 3 people, 30 people, or 3000 people, our system will scale with your business.
  • Our average install date is 5 days from when our customers sign the contract. Try to get an install date so soon from any of the other big phone companies…


Most businesses need a pretty straightforward feature set out of their phone systems. We will list those below, but just know that we can build anything you can imagine a phone system can do. If you need something that we have not listed on this website, please just let us know, and we will see if we can accommodate you. After all, this is what we do — phone systems — only phone systems.

  • Phone numbers in any area code, or toll free numbers
  • Receive Calls
  • Make Calls
  • Multiple Extensions
  • Voicemails
  • Menu-Based routing (IVR, Automated Attendant)
  • Conference Calling
  • Time-Based routing (Business Hours, Holidays, etc)
  • Music on Hold
  • Remote Phones (connect to phone system from home)
  • Voicemail to E-Mail
  • Queues (Many options here)
  • Call Recordings
  • Call Records (Who called where, for how long, etc)
  • Call Forwarding

This is not a comprehensive list of all of our features, just some of the most popular/useful ones. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to discuss with you!

What to expect from Spokane Phones

When you contact Spokane Phones, we are going to go through a process that we have developed to help determine your business needs.

First, we will assess where you are now – what kind of phones (if any) you currently have.

Second, we will figure out where you are going, how many phones you need, what features you need, etc…

Third, we will provide you an estimate of how much we believe it will cost to replace/upgrade your phone system. This estimate will include any hardware (phones, switches, cabling, etc), as well as labor to do the install, and what we estimate your monthly billing will be.

If we are a good fit for each other, Spokane Phones will then draft a contract for both companies to sign, and we will begin the installation process! We communicate everything quickly and effectively with you.

Often, we can have your new system installed and working in as little as a few days!

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We can assist you in figuring out what kind of phone system you need, and what budget you will need. Give us your information and we will contact you, or just give us a call!

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