We do business phone systems — that’s it.

24/7 Human Customer Service

We know that your phones are important to your business. They are important to us, too! If there is an issue with your phone system, call us any time, day or night – a real human will answer your call and fix the issue as soon as possible.


Our phone systems have incredible flexibility. We can configure them to work as a basic phone system, or we can configure them to do complex things like checking customer order status, routing calls to customer service staff based on the skills those staff members, or even automatically call the customer back if they don’t want to wait on hold.

Fast Installation

We understand the urgency of getting your phone system working properly in a timely manner. Many others take months to install systems, but we can typically do it within a few days, depending on your schedule and the impact on your company.


Some of the most requested features our Phone System provides are listed below.

Make & Receive Calls

from any amount of phone numbers, in any area code. Does your company need to look like it has a local presence elsewhere? We can do that!

Business Hours & Days

are completely configurable with our system. We can send callers to different people, greetings, voicemails, etc depending on the date and time of day.


boxes that are smart. Customers can leave you messages whether you are closed or busy, and you can check the messages from your phone, or have them emailed to you — your choice!

Automated Attendant

sometimes known as an IVR, is the thing that typically says “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support”. We can do these as simple or as complex as you can imagine. Let us know what you would like us to do!

Conference Calling

is a feature that allows a group of people to all be on the same call. Our system allows you to have as many conference lines as you would like.


allow your customer service load to be spread among multiple customer service people. Customers can wait until another representative is available, or choose to leave a message and get a call back.

Who We Are

We at Spokane Phones have been in the commercial phone industry for over 12 years. We pride ourselves on our personal customer service and ability to ensure your business has a reliable phone system.
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